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Batching Systems

Process and Data Automation is your solution for all of your batching system needs! Enhance the way you are batching products today, or let us help you make a small adjustment to your existing simple operation. We can even help you explore a multi-ingredient integrated batching solution with or without manual additions.

Process and Data Automation designs simple yet effective systems modeled around the ISA S88 standard that help you:

Provide consistent, well documented products

  • Finished batch reports
  • Raw material usage reports
  • Ingredient traceability through entire processes

Reduce cycle time to Increase total batches over time

Reduce costs

  • Handle ingredients from bulk stores
  • Reduce wasted ingredients
  • Increase 1st pass finished batches

Improve the work environment for your employees

  • Shorter setup and changeover means more efficient operations
  • Minimize variability in recipe creation and execution for a quicker runtime
  • Automatically captured data to focus on critical tasks
  • Safer work environment by reducing repetitive manual tasks

Contact us about our new semi-automated batch control system, good across any industry. This proprietary solution allows manufacturers to create and execute batch control operations for any number of automated and manual operations.
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